New publications out now….

Gooden, B. & French, K. (2014) Non-interactive effects of plant invasion and landscape modification on native communities. Diversity and Distributions 20, 626-632.

Gooden, B. & French, K. (2014) Impacts of alien grass invasion in coastal seed banks vary amongst native growth forms and dispersal strategies. Biological Conservation 171, 114–126.

Gooden, B., French, K. & Robinson, S.A. (2014) Alien grass disrupts reproduction and post-settlement recruitment of co-occurring native vegetation: a mechanism for diversity decline in invaded forest? Plant Ecology 215, 567-580.

Gooden, B. & French, K. (2014) Impacts of alien plant invasion on native plant communities are mediated by functional identity of resident species, not resource availability. Oikos 10.1111/oik.01724.

Gooden, B., French, K., Turner, P. and Downey, P. O. 2009. Impact threshold for an alien plant invader, Lantana camara L., on native plant communities. Biological Conservation 142, 2631–2641

Gooden, B., French, K., Turner, P. 2009. Invasion and management of a woody plant, Lantana camara L., alters vegetation diversity within wet sclerophyll forest in southP1090156eastern Australia. Forest Ecology and Management 257, 960–967

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Research aspirations

As evidence by my current projects, my aspirations for future research are diverse, ranging from plant bodies, to populations, communities, ecosystems and landscapes. The following are questions that i’d love to explore in the future. If any of these pique your interest, and you wish to discuss opportunities for collaboration, please get in touch!


1. The role of plant-animal interactions, particularly pollinator systems, in recruitment and assembly dynamics of plant communities.

2. The role of mycorrhizal associations in structuring competition hierarchies and maintaining the diversity of plant communities.

3. Effects of landscape configuration and heterogeneity on multi-trophic interactions and ecosystem function.

4. Seed dispersal dynamics in coastal plant communities


5. Impacts of alien plant species on plant-animal interactions and mycorrhizal associations.

6. Facilitative effects of alien plants on animal communities in urban landscapes.

7. Impacts of landscape development, such as urbanisation and habitat fragmentation, on ecosystem processes, such as pollination, and plant-animal mutualisms.

8. Synergistic effects of extreme weather events and landscape development on plant-animal interactions, recruitment dynamics and community assembly.


9. Functional ecology of ‘restored’ plant communities.

10. Restoration of plant communities and ‘resilience’ to climate change.

11. ‘Sustainability’ of restored landscapes.

12. Differential effects of alien plant control on community and ecosystem recovery.

13. Functional species ‘redundancy’ and plant community restoration.